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Harvey/‘Good boy’ Mike
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You are my new <3. Oh how I adore thee!
I totally wanted to slash you even before the first episode aired. ;D

It’s so sad that Harry Potter is almost over. But in preparation for the end, I give you:

I'll look like an idiot but this remote control wand looks pretty awesome. I want one!
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If I were to learn sign language, it would be from this video.
On the 2nd, while Erin and her family were scattering her mother’s ashes, Naomi, Caroline, and I, also picked some flowers to scatter in the ocean for her. After that, we went to watch Green Lantern. It wasn’t bad. I liked the flight simulation scene and the skeleton-fear-soul-sucking thing going on. I also want to see Bad Teacher, Horrible Bosses, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Captain America, and Zookeeper. They all look awesome! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II should be on that list too but I have yet to see Part I so a bit of catchup is in order.

And on the 3rd, I finally took another trip to the North Shore of Oahu with Naomi and Erin. We passed some of the new windmills on the way to Kahuku for shrimp. Totally made fools out of ourselves acting like Don Quixote and the windmill giants. Haha! Several of the good radio stations went out so we landed up rocking to Daryl Hall/John Oates and Frank Sinatra CDs that Naomi’s mom left in the car. The garlic shrimp is so totally worth the drive. *drool* Of all things, we saw Jamie’s family at the shrimp shack we ate at. Went swimming and bodyboarding at a small beach off the side of the road. The Waimea Bay parking lot was way too full. Got to see several different kinds of fish and even got pretty close to a school of Unicorn fish. And as I was floating around with Naomi on the bodyboards, she freaked out when a turtle appeared in the 3ft gap between us. Lol! On our way back, we were supposed to go get pineapple soft serve from Dole Plantation but we didn’t have time. So sad… T_T
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After our trip to the North Shore, we met up with “Chocolate Sauce” Brandy to celebrate her return from Madrid. We’re normally pretty silly but Brandy just seems to bring out our inner clown. It’s always a party when she’s around. We went to eat dinner at Side Street Inn where we had the fried rice, garlic chicken, Chinese roast pork, and the brownie ala mode. So good… We then had to pig out some more and bought some drumstick ice cream from Safeway where we just happened to bump into Jamie’s family, AGAIN!!

The day was really fun but I have such major sunburn! D:

Then on the 4th of July, I didn’t celebrate but I did see some professional fireworks. There were no public fireworks since it was made illegal in January. I also chipped my damn tooth on a fork during dinner. UGH!!! >:(
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Went to see X-men: First Class on June 11th. I was thinking about it before I saw the movie but after watching it, the Erik(Magneto)/Charles(Professor X) pairing has been solidified in my mind. I liked the movie except the actual pairings they used in it. They all seem forced and insincere, especially the one between Charles and Moira which didn’t have any spark or chemistry. And then there was a sudden kiss at the end. I hated it. At least I kinda expected all the other romantic relationships portrayed in the movie.

On the 18th, Naomi and I were supposed to go the annual state library book sale. I woke up early to pick her up and spent half an hour outside of her house trying to wake her up. I was told to expect to have to wake her up so I called out to her, called her phone, played music, and knocked on the walls. But I was then yelled at for being too loud and promptly ignored. How rude! So I left. I was pretty angry about it but she did apologize and explained to me that she was hanging from the birthday party she attended the day before. I don’t really like that excuse because she drinks about as much as I do and I really don’t hold my alcohol very well. But whatever…

I eventually went to the book sale with Erin a few days later. I didn’t find any good novels but I did find Jeph Loeb’s Absolute Power and Vengeance which I snapped up. I didn’t buy them but I also saw Public Enemies and The Supergirl From Krypton. It will take a while but I am now able to read or write in Kryptonian.
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On the 26th, I went to see Caroline’s new pom pup, Pono. And then Erin, Naomi, Jessica, and I went to the 50th State Fair. Rides are so expensive… But the Zipper is so freakin’ fun!! :D The Dizzy Dragons are pretty awesome too and I always want to go faster but feel like we’re going to break it… Lol!
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My sister came back on the 30th to be one of the bride’s maids in her friend Toni’s wedding. She went back to Cali the day after it was over. She also came in on the 7th to attend her other friend’s wedding on the 8th. And in about another two weeks, she flies in once more to attend another one. Then in November, her other really good friend, Ali, is supposedly going to get proposed to and married all on the same day. Bad idea in so many different ways but whatever. At least my sister says Ali won’t say no.

My sister also gave me my birthday present early since she won’t be here when it does pass. She also brought my brother’s as well.
My zebra and my brother's crab
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LMAO!!! Rob Pattinson steals a kiss from Taylor Lautner at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards!

I don't particularly care for the series (mainly due to Bella/Kristen Stewart) but do I see some Jacob/Edward or Edward/Jacob in my near future? ;D Lol! I don't know... Maybe not.

(It makes me cry that the Twilight cast has won so many awards. Le sob...)

Watched Inception again and decided that I really like Eames/Arthur. Darling~ <3

My mother took my grandma to Vegas last month and sent her off to LA with my sister to stay with my uncle. My grandma really enjoys the slots. Lol!

Aunty Diane and Sam took my grandma, mom, and I out to dinner at Kabuki for Mother's Day.

It's too bad my friend Erin landed up not being able to go on her trip with Caroline since her family had to plan her mother's funeral. It was a very beautiful service. One of her cousins danced hula and the Father of the church sang a song for the family. I never got to interact with Erin's mother much so I never realized how much they look alike. I'm glad she seems to be taking it pretty well.

Naomi and I went to a picnic at the beach with Erin and her family. Very nice BBQ. We were supposed to go to the lantern floating festival at Magic Island but the parking and traffic was ridiculous! mmm... We did have pie though. :D

Recently watched Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Kung Fu Panda 2. Pirates was a decent movie. Didn't recognize any of the places in the movie but then again, I didn't expect to. I did like the mermaids but I was disappointed because I wanted to know more about Philip and Syrena. I was really amused by the jokes in Kung Fu Panda 2 even if the overall plot was a bit boring.

Planning to go to Kentucky and attend a dog grooming school. I want to start next month and eventually work in California or maybe even Japan. The school actually has a study abroad program in either Japan or Germany which is odd but still pretty cool. If I can, I want to visit my friend Connie in San Fran before I leave for Kentucky. If I do that, I'll probably fly straight from there to the school.

It's also been storming the last couple days. Some of the thunder has been so loud that car alarms are being set off. There was even hail, HAIL in Hawaii during the Summer of all places and times. *shrugs* So weird.

I have also now been asked to go on a "cousins" trip to Indonesia next year. I'm still wondering about the trip to Japan that my brother wanted to do. My brother probably wouldn't mind doing both and that's all fine and dandy for him considering he works for the airline industry and can get free flights and maybe even hotel rooms. I don't get that privilege. I could probably get discounted tickets and whatnot but it would be on standby and so nothing would be guarantee. Plus, the biggest drawback is that I'm majorly poor. T-T
I hope everyone had a wonderful Boy's/Children's Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother's Day.

On Friday, I went with Naomi to look for an orchid plant to cheer Erin up. We bought one at Home Depot while trying to coordinate a get together with the rest of our friends. We wanted to make a music video or something for Erin but we landed up giving up that idea. I did manage to lose Naomi among the aisles. Man... That store is huge and she's just so itty bitty. Did two whole circuits around the store before I found her by the entrance. Jeez... She hadn't even been IN the store. We also went wandering around Walmart thinking we could possibly find something to do on Saturday in the rain. Naomi really wanted rain boots. We happened to find some that catered to the Spider-Man kick she's on. Too bad they were all too small for both of us. She seems to really want to dress up as Spider-Man, since he's all covered up, and wander around Waikiki. I have no idea why... Anyway, it sounds like it would be entertaining to follow her around while she prances down the street like a lunatic. LOL!

*sigh* A bunch of us hung out at the mall with Erin for a while on Saturday in order to distract her from thinking about her mother. Especially considering Sunday was Mother's Day. Naomi bought her one of those Lego Space Needle kits because Erin loves the Dark Angel series. After eating dinner at the mall, everyone went to watch Thor. I didn't get to go with them since I had to leave early to go to a Mother's Day dinner at my Aunty's house. Sadness... But at least I had good food.

Then on Sunday, I finally went to see Thor in 3D with my mom, brother, and his girlfriend, Cheryl. Surprisingly, I didn't get a headache this time. The first thing I did was play "Spot Stan Lee" since he makes a cameo in all the Marvel movies. Haha!spoilersCollapse )

I absolutely <3 the Unicorno Tokidoki line. It's just so adorable! So I've started collecting the Unicorno Blind Box figurines. So far I have a Ritmo and two Pogo. I really want Peperino and Fumo.
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Some pictures of yesterday's storm, waterspouts and all.

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There was a widespread blackout that affected my grandma's house as well as a large part of the east side of the island.

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Was going to go Zumba again tonight but that's now canceled due to horrible news. I just found out my friend Erin's mother passed away today. I don't know much about it at all but I feel really bad right now. I want to visit and talk to Erin but I have no idea what's going on at all. *sigh* Nevermind. I guess visiting right now wouldn't be such a great idea. I figure, today should be a time for family. But yeah, I've always been bad at this kind of thing, even when my own grandpa passed away. I want to know what's happening so I know what to do with myself. But I feel like I shouldn't be asking her to explain it to me. None of my other friends are answering their phone either.

Oh man... It's pouring with lightning and outrageously loud thunder. Totally the mood of the day.
Wow! It's been a pretty busy week all around the world.

Prince William and Catherine Middleton got married on the 29th in a beautiful ceremony reminiscent of Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding in the historic Westminster Abbey.
The Wedding Ceremony

It was announced today that Osama bin Laden was killed during a U.S. Military operation in Abottabad , Pakistan. It was reported that he was positively identified using DNA testing and his body is currently in U.S. custody.

This week, it was also announced that a rare Stadivarius violin, the "Lady Blunt," will be auctioned off on June 20. This violin is currently considered the most expensive violin in the world; most likely selling upwards of $10 million. The funds produced will be used to aid in the relief of Japan's earthquake and tsunami stricken areas.
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LMFAO!! Tonight, there was a group of teen boys who were playing some kind of ball game on the street. I heard a bouncing sound outside my window so I went to go check it out and I totally scared the boy that was trying to come up the driveway to get the ball. He kinda freaked and almost fell down as he turned to run back down the driveway. LOL!! I felt like they thought I was one of those cranky klepto hoarder neighbors or something. So funny! I did return the ball to them and they did say thank you. Nothing was broken so it's all good.

On 4/25, I tried Zumba for the first time with Naomi and Erin. It was pretty funny watching everyone trying to do body rolls and shakin' them booties. XD I wouldn't mind going again if only it were cheaper. I'm trying to convince Naomi and Erin to go to another class with me. We shall see.

Got invited to go to my friend Angel's jewelry party again. I went to the previous one she put on and some of the stuff was kinda cute. However, I'm poor and I didn't buy anything and I don't think I will buy anything in the near future. So I feel bad for going and eating her food as well as for not going and therefore not supporting her. I just don't know what to do. At least I'm not the only one out of my group of friends that don't want to go. I'm not sure how the sellers for the jewelry party company progress in the business. They basically just sell to their friends and family. At least with a company like Avon, the products run out and need to be replenished. Jewelry can be used again and again and again. Oh well, I wish her luck anyways.

I've seen several shows that have a scene where a Sakura petal falls into a persons sake cup and I never really thought to find out if there was a meaning behind it until now. I remember how the person always seemed to smile when it happened so I figure it had to mean something good if there really was a meaning to it. I guess it makes sense that it would mean 'good luck' just like the tea leaf that floats vertically in a tea cup. They're both something rare, beautiful, and interesting.

Lol! Wish Batman really did "come out of the closet." Even the comedians think he should. XD