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Tonight, I saw The Dark Knight Rises. And I think, Chris Nolan, you have a beautiful mind. I absolutely adore your Batman trilogy. JGL and Tom Hardy, I <3 you!

Rush Limbaugh, you, are an idiot who is grasping at straws just so you can complain about something. The character Bane is not a political shot at Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, and Bain & Company. Bane was created way before Mitt Romney even entered the political arena. So, Rush, you need to get over yourself and this idea because people who believe it, if there even are any, are seriously not all there in the head.
I would love to see anything you wrote with this fandom, whoo! As for me, I'm a Bruce/Jim (movieverse only, lol) shipper from the first movie, but I wouldn't be averse to Blake/Bruce either, and canon-wise I LOVE Bruce/Selina! Fitting Superman in there might be a little difficult--it doesn't have to be, you can have Superman become an active hero after the end of the movie (that five months the movie spans makes it hard to have him active then, I just can't imagine he'd let Bane terrorize Gotham), but then he's a LOT younger than Bruce, and I find that difficult to get my head around. :)

I was in the third row myself, so I sympathize with your sore neck, lol! And ahhh, I was totally taken in by the stories of the kid in jail as well! Did they change child actors between the first flashback and the last? That's something I want to check the second time as well, because I totally accepted the kid was who Bruce thinks it is and was completely befuddled. :)

That guy actually wants a live action Batman Beyond movie. I'm not sure how many people would actually take to it if someone did make one. *shrug*

The one continuation I could accept from Nolan would be a BB-type story where Bruce finds himself drawn back to Gotham to mentor Blake (okay, I'm getting more relaxed about spoilers now since I think it's opened everywhere in the world but Japan, and that's tomorrow). I'd be torn about that, though, because part of me really likes the idea of Bruce leaving Gotham forever, it's so completely unlike anything we've ever seen in the comics...
Haha! I don't know if you really would. I have major problems incorporating dialogue so all my stories would have mute characters. XD And I just KNOW I would somehow land up making everyone into Mary Sues and Gary Stus. So so bad... D: Plus I feel like such a noob to this fandom and I guess technically, I still am.

I used to read a lot of M/F in the fandoms I lurk about in but after a while, I lost interest in most of those pairings. I think Bruce/Selina is one that I still accept, although it's not usually at the top of my list. I'm sorry to say that I never did get into the whole Jim/Bruce thing. In my mind, Bruce was pretty much always single in the movieverse until now. So I guess maybe I HAVE made up my mind as to my favs. XD Now comics are a whole 'nother ball game. Haha! As for Superman, I can see how it would be difficult to mesh the two together without screwing with the trilogy's storyline to the extent that it would almost be unrecognizable. Superman would definitely not approve of Bane or Joker. It would still be kinda interesting to see the dynamics (w/ or w/o romance) between Superman and Batman with an age difference like that. What are their ages anyway? I can never keep track of that.

I never did notice a difference if they did change the child actor between flashbacks. I'll have to look for that too the next time I watch the movie.

Hmmm... Now that you mention it, that does make sense. It never occurred to me that Blake could take the place of Terry. I guess, after finding out who Blake really is, I always thought of him in that capacity instead of a new Batman. Is it just me or does Blake seem to have some background/characteristics similar to the first three? (occupation, parents, and the ability to figure out who batman is) Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Lol! I do like the idea of Bruce finally leaving but I just have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that any incarnation would stay gone.

Edited at 2012-07-26 10:48 am (UTC)
Is it just me or does Blake seem to have some background/characteristics similar to the first three? (occupation, parents, and the ability to figure out who batman is) Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

No, I don't think you are at all! That was one of my favorite things about the film, that Nolan managed to take bits and pieces from Dick, Jason, Tim and Terry and use them as a starting point for a character who is entirely his own person. Like an ur-Robin. :)
Ya, I wanted to squee when I noticed it. Lol! But what part of Blake did Nolan take from Terry? I never did get the chance to watch/read BB all that much.
I've watched very little BB, but the basic setup is that Bruce has retired from the world in bitterness (and has a cane, lol) and Terry basically is his wake-up call to tell him that he has to get involved in the world again. So some of the same feeling beneath it!
Ah, I see. That makes a lot of sense. I never really thought of that before because of Bruce's age difference between the two series and who Blake is really supposed to be. But if they hadn't said that DKR was the last movie, I could totally see the next one following more of BB now. I read that Christian Bale wouldn't do another Batman film if Robin appeared in the series. So while technically DKR already violated that, it was really minor and if Nolan were to make another movie based on BB, then it would sidestep Christian Bale's claim because they can just keep Blake more along the lines of Terry. While it's technically true, I don't know if Bale would see it that way as he already didn't really approve of Blake's role at the end of DKR. Oh well. Haha! It really is too bad that Nolan and Bale what to see someone else do a reboot but at the same time, I'm down for that too.