Why Bleach, why? Why are you over? How could you!?

Your art style is nice but I hate you Young Justice cartoon. You've deviated way too much from the original YJ. And of course, the worst offense is that you dashed my hopes for a non-Kon/M'gann show.

And DC Reboot, I don't know much about you but you seem like you will make me cry too.

So much disappointment.

Btw, I started school again this January. It is currently spring break and I have to do a damn 12 page paper before the end. *sigh* Had a car accident on 2/27. UGH! The current insurance card wasn't in the car so I had to go to court on 3/27 with an affidavit to get the charge cleared.

Yay! I now have great tickets to see Wicked this coming December. Can't wait!

The season 3 secret admirer episode for Glee was very moving. The scenes with Karofsky were very powerful and the most meaningful part of the whole show so far.

I also <3 you Threadless!