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So, at the end of Assassination Classroom, is Shiota Nagisa basically an assassin version of Yankumi from Gokusen? Small, unassuming teacher gets assigned delinquent class and eventually shows that they can actually kick the whole class' asses but is a very caring and wonderful teacher. Also has some scary friends

And by the way, why is Haikyuu's Tsukishima Kei nicknamed Tsukki? He should be called Tsun-kki instead. *laughs at lame joke*

Every time I'm reminded that the oldest d20 die came from ancient Egypt, I think to myself, "Pharaoh Atem, was that you?"

Whether you like the pairing, characters, or how the word was used in the comic, why is the fandom NOT using "RedArse" as the ship name for Jason Todd(Red Hood) and Roy Harper(Arsenal)? I personally find the name hilarious. Is it because it doesn't encompass them at any age, any identity? (E.g. Robin/Batman/Wingman and Speedy/Red Arrow)

I also highly enjoy the fact that I share my birthday with Jason Todd. It's so hard to find a character that actually has a b-day near mine. So many use the cliche days like October 10th or December 24/25.
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Bloop Bloop

So, it's been a while since my last post. Again.

Tried jobs in various industries: hotel, banking, sales, systems maintenance, etc. Nope...
Went to LA for my sister's baby shower. Super cute!
My sister had a daughter. Therefore I now have a niece. :D
I am now apprenticed to become a Pet Stylist. Much more fun than an office job imo.
My family finally decided what they wanted to do with the things at my grandparent's house. The house is now being prepped to be sold.
Saw my niece, in person, for the first time this month. It was her first flight as well.
My friends have gone/are all going on trips without me. So sad! T^T But I'm being good and saving $$.

Looking forward to the new seasons of Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black.


Ok, so I've done quite a few things this past year or so. After my first trip to Japan, I:

Went to LA to see my sister's new house
Applied for a Student Exchange Program
Got accepted to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan
Had a really long winter break since school in Japan didn't start till April
Went to Japan again to see the Yukimatsuri during that break
Return flight home got delayed b/c of snow and another plane that went off the taxiway
Once again returned to Japan for my study abroad semester
Visited Korea while abroad in Japan
Visited Kyoto after the semester ended
Came back home to finish my last semester
My dogs had puppies the same day I returned from Japan
3 family members got married, including my sister
I was Maid of Honor for my sister
Applied for JET
Grandma passed away T^T
Graduated with a double major
Went to Seattle and LA (Disneyland)
Didn't get into JET...
Currently looking for jobs (blah...)
Cleaning grandma and grandpa's house by myself

*sigh* And the last year started out so well... DX Oh, well. Moving on with life.
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Holy Imagined Political Statement, Batman!

Tonight, I saw The Dark Knight Rises. And I think, Chris Nolan, you have a beautiful mind. I absolutely adore your Batman trilogy. JGL and Tom Hardy, I <3 you!

Rush Limbaugh, you, are an idiot who is grasping at straws just so you can complain about something. The character Bane is not a political shot at Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, and Bain & Company. Bane was created way before Mitt Romney even entered the political arena. So, Rush, you need to get over yourself and this idea because people who believe it, if there even are any, are seriously not all there in the head.
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BLEACH, You Break My Heart </3


Why Bleach, why? Why are you over? How could you!?

Your art style is nice but I hate you Young Justice cartoon. You've deviated way too much from the original YJ. And of course, the worst offense is that you dashed my hopes for a non-Kon/M'gann show.

And DC Reboot, I don't know much about you but you seem like you will make me cry too.

So much disappointment.

Btw, I started school again this January. It is currently spring break and I have to do a damn 12 page paper before the end. *sigh* Had a car accident on 2/27. UGH! The current insurance card wasn't in the car so I had to go to court on 3/27 with an affidavit to get the charge cleared.

Yay! I now have great tickets to see Wicked this coming December. Can't wait!

The season 3 secret admirer episode for Glee was very moving. The scenes with Karofsky were very powerful and the most meaningful part of the whole show so far.

I also <3 you Threadless!
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I didn't do anything this year... T_T
We have decided that we want to be magical unicorns next year and Sam has already claimed zombie unicorn. LOL! She's so obsessed with zombies right now. She claimed we were having a Zombie Apocalypse/Dead Island moment when she got stuck in the APEC road closures.

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I am now watching 2 Broke Girls, Once Upon A Time, and Grimm. I have finished watching Game of Thrones, Franklin & Bash, and Glee Project. Can't wait for new seasons. I'm also debating whether I want to watch Syfy's Tin Man and Alice as well as The Walking Dead. True Blood was a dud for me...

Damn, my DVD/CD drive on my computer doesn't work anymore. Nor does my external hard drive. Boo...

I have applied for the spring semester of college. I now have to meet with an Academic Adviser before the start of the semester. Bleh...
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YAY~!! NEW BLEACH!!! :D (some spoilers, i guess...)

With a new school year, Ichigo and the rest are now in their senior year. And along with their newest "Sempai" status come new looks for some of them. HOORAY~! So far, I love all of their new looks, especially Ishida's. KYAA~!!
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I've watched as far as episode 344 of the anime and they haven't shown Sado or any of the Shinigami. (I'm too lazy to read the manga online...) Everyone else I haven't mentioned has stayed about the same. I wish Ichigo had kept the slightly longer hair he sported after his training in Dangai with Isshin. Oh well... I'm just glad the series isn't over after Aizen's defeat.
I am glad that Isshin's and Karin's stories are expanding. I always did want to know more about Isshin and I wanted Karin to be more involved in spiritual activities. So yay on both those things coming true! Besides starting this new arc, Kubo Tite needs to bring back several different characters. Namely, Grimmjow, Nelliel, TENSA ZANGETSU and HICHIGO!!! And if at all possible, Ulquiorra and Gin. T_T

******** I'm Gonna Be A Star!! ********

I have been cast in Hawaii Five-0! You may see me in the all important roll of... EXTRA!!!

Lol! Anyway, my friends and I attended a University of Hawaii Wahine volleyball game where Hawaii Five-0 did some recording for the upcoming episode, Ma'ema'e, meaning clean. (That is actually also the name of the elementary school I went to. XD) The episode has the Five-0 team investigating the murder of the UH volleyball coach and it airs on October 17th. My friends and I will be in the crowd cheering on the UH team while they play a school named Rio Rancho. The members of both teams are all previous UH volleyball players. I actually know the guy who plays the coach for the Rancho side. He was one of the PE teachers and coaches at my high school.

University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine VS Rio Rancho State University
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I have tried soooo hard to resist shipping Steve/Danny and have succeeded until now... It has sucked me into it's black hole-ness but continues to make me giggle and flail. I guess my reaction and refusal to support it till now is due to the fact that I feel it is a bit close to home. Any day now, I could walk around the corner and see them working or hanging out. It makes it too real when I don't really ship any RPF or RPS couples. I'm not against RPS for them or anybody in general but thinking about Alex/Scott definitely makes me giggle and blush. Total giggly embarrassment. Lol! I guess that reaction has bled over into how i feel about Steve/Danny or any Hawaii Five-0 pairing. XP

So my new found fondness for the pairing was kicked off because of this scene from 2.02, Ua Lawe Wale:
Danny: This is the only way in—on an animal? We couldn’t have got an ATV or a golf cart or something like…?
Steve: Did you say ATV?
Danny: I did.
Steve: They wouldn’t hear an ATV from a mile away, would they, Danny? But you know what? Your whining is probably louder than an ATV.
Danny: Whining?
Steve: Yeah, your whining
Lori: How long have you two been married?

*sigh* We'll see how long this lasts.
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The Birthday Galore Month

And pretty soon it will be my birthday and then Sam's.
Went to Toma's Karaoke for Omi's Bday and to celebrate Jamie's return from Military training. Much singing, eating, drinking, and schmoozing. I can't believe Omi and Erin stopped on the side of a freeway off ramp to pick up five hubcaps so they could decorate them and give them to Jaime. After Karaoke, Jamie and Joel went home but the rest of us drove to Waikiki just to talk and hang out. We didn't even go to a club or anything like that while we were there. I did however, get stopped twice at the same Sobriety Check Point. I'm surprised the officer didn't point out that one of my headlights was out. I didn't even know until my friends told me. The second time around, the officer made a comment about the window screens in my backseat. He asked me if I took them from somewhere and I told him my dad has rentals. Apparently he thought my dad rents window screens... I don't know, I thought that was pretty funny.

Jamie will be going up to Texas at the end of the month.

I have decided that Inception is currently my favorite movie of all time. I <3 you, Arthur and Eames!

Play the Man, the newest episode of Suits made me cry. T_T Waaaaahhhh... Make Jenny go away! And how could they let Harvey sleep with that horrible cheating cheater of a woman, Dana Scott! And Mike and Harvey! No fighting with each other unless you're going to have some hot make-up sex right after! The only thing I liked about it was that they confirmed that Harvey is a Trekkie. Harvey is very Kirk-esque. Lol!

Yay! Patrick Adams was picked to be a Hollywood Crush "Hump Day Hottie." And poor Gabriel Macht was looking a tad disappointed.
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I'm starting to enjoy the Peter/Neal pairing in White Collar. Although I do really like Elizabeth with Peter. So if that's the case, then I'm leaning towards Raquel Laroque for Neal at the moment. I really do like Eliza Dushku. I do so hope they bring her back, especially after that kiss she gave Neal in On the Fence. I'm glad Neal isn't with Sara or Kate anymore. I just didn't really care for Sara and I basically don't know anything about Kate. I should catch up on the series but I'm a bit too lazy right now.
Suits B &amp; R

Sweetness!! Kinks Made Cannon!!!

I can't help wanting to jump around and wave my arms in the air every time a Suits episode airs on TV. This show is a slash fangirl's dream come true!!

The idea was a fantasy of many a slash fan but I don't think many thought the writers would actually put it in the show. And low and behold, we were wrong and Mike actually wore Harvey's suit in the 4th episode of Suits!!! And not only that, they keep them coming. A cross-dressing Mike? Really Harvey? And to think Mike believes he could pull it off. I'm sure Harvey would really enjoy a demonstration. ;D Hehe! I had a total "Awwwwwwww...." moment during Tricks of the Trade. It's so cute that Mike is absolutely awed by Harvey because he told off that stock trader. And OMG!!! Harvey and his Stallone imitation. LMAO! They even put in an entertaining drunk!Mike that insists on visiting Harvey at home. I giggle with glee every time I think about Harvey calling Mike a "Good Boy" and the fact that Harvey basically called Mike pretty when he told Mike to "look pretty" for the client.

I absolutely despise Trevor with a passion. It’s nice that Mike is so loyal but Trevor doesn't really reciprocate. Trevor's only real loyalty is to himself. I imagine that Trevor may have helped Mike in the past but I don’t ever picture the situations being that monumental that it would ever compensate for what Mike has given up by just being his friend. I know friendship as well as love should never be about keeping score but what kind of true friend coerces another friend into doing and dealing drugs, lies to that same friend, puts him in a dangerous situation, uses his money to post bail, and on top of that, uses him as a way to pick up girls. And so, from Trevor’s track record, I definitely have to agree with Harvey and Mike’s grandmother. And in Harvey’s own words, Trevor is an “anchor weighing [Mike] down.” So drop the douche like a hot potato, Mike!

Oh, and I absolutely adore Donna. She manipulates high powered manipulators. Such a devious girl. ;P

Covert Affairs has me thinking Auggie/Annie would be a cute couple. I find the guy who plays Auggie, Christopher Gorham, to be adorable even when he played Henry Grubstick on Ugly Betty.

Now, for Necessary Roughness. Can't believe they put Dr. Dani with the physical trainer, Matt. From the get go, I haven't felt it. Just haven't. He's totally hot but I just don't see them as a match. I am, however, rooting for the Nico/Dani pairing for now. We shall see as the series progresses.

I seem to have a thing for many of the USA Network shows and pairings. I also like to watch Burn Notice, Royal Pains, and White Collar. I watch these shows sporadically.

I find it interesting that an anime was created based on the show Supernatural. The animated versions of Dean and Sam aren't half bad for being anime adaptation of real actors. We shall see how much I think the voices match the characters though.
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I think it's hilarious that there's an International Quidditch Association that represents the sport of Muggle Quidditch. It's comprised of 1,000+ teams from around the world and they even have a World Cup.