And pretty soon it will be my birthday and then Sam's.
Went to Toma's Karaoke for Omi's Bday and to celebrate Jamie's return from Military training. Much singing, eating, drinking, and schmoozing. I can't believe Omi and Erin stopped on the side of a freeway off ramp to pick up five hubcaps so they could decorate them and give them to Jaime. After Karaoke, Jamie and Joel went home but the rest of us drove to Waikiki just to talk and hang out. We didn't even go to a club or anything like that while we were there. I did however, get stopped twice at the same Sobriety Check Point. I'm surprised the officer didn't point out that one of my headlights was out. I didn't even know until my friends told me. The second time around, the officer made a comment about the window screens in my backseat. He asked me if I took them from somewhere and I told him my dad has rentals. Apparently he thought my dad rents window screens... I don't know, I thought that was pretty funny.

Jamie will be going up to Texas at the end of the month.

I have decided that Inception is currently my favorite movie of all time. I <3 you, Arthur and Eames!

Play the Man, the newest episode of Suits made me cry. T_T Waaaaahhhh... Make Jenny go away! And how could they let Harvey sleep with that horrible cheating cheater of a woman, Dana Scott! And Mike and Harvey! No fighting with each other unless you're going to have some hot make-up sex right after! The only thing I liked about it was that they confirmed that Harvey is a Trekkie. Harvey is very Kirk-esque. Lol!

Yay! Patrick Adams was picked to be a Hollywood Crush "Hump Day Hottie." And poor Gabriel Macht was looking a tad disappointed.
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I'm starting to enjoy the Peter/Neal pairing in White Collar. Although I do really like Elizabeth with Peter. So if that's the case, then I'm leaning towards Raquel Laroque for Neal at the moment. I really do like Eliza Dushku. I do so hope they bring her back, especially after that kiss she gave Neal in On the Fence. I'm glad Neal isn't with Sara or Kate anymore. I just didn't really care for Sara and I basically don't know anything about Kate. I should catch up on the series but I'm a bit too lazy right now.